Monsoon is the best time !!!

Tara knew Jignesh loved her. She had felt his eyes follow her when she went to shelter the calves from rain and there was only warmth, she never once felt uncomfortable. The same sweetness became the cause for her reluctance to let him in for seldom did someone appreciate a beautiful soul alone. Destiny Won! At that precise moment when Jignesh held her lovingly and never once flinched at her acid scars gazing dreamily into her deep eyes did the sky pour in and Tara’s tears camouflaged with the raging rain! Rain Rain never go away for Tara and Jignesh?!

How much is So much?

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I always had complaints about the size of our three bedroom apartment. Umpteen attempts by my husband to reassure me of the sprawling space went in vain. There is a moment of truth, for everyone.  My maid had organised a small party for her daughter’s birthday and my presence would make her proud she said. I reached and knocked. The door creaked open and a room barely able to accommodate my study was filled with a bunch of brightly lit faces, a dog and six small rabbits. I broke into pieces, the room suddenly looked acres long.

Queen rules

This one is for the challange prompt by Laavanya…..

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The stress increased progressively. The hours of working went up gradually from 12 to 18. Rest was passe she said. Guarding ourselves as a group in the era of apocalypse included eliminating a weak kin for the end was more gruesome in the hands of the enemies. The standards extended to such extent that the mating pairs were pre decided , survivable offspring.
“She sets standards, that the rest of us normal mortals find hard to live with”
For the queen Bee had to strengthen the hive with the rate of extinction the bees faced. Save bees, stop their extinction.

Winning Entry – RD ASIA 2015 100 words

100 Word Story Winners 2015

The challenge was mighty: tell us a tale using exactly 100 well-chosen words. In this fast fiction contest there’s not a syllable to waste. Every detail needs to move the story along so, by the end, the reader is left chuckling or teased or – as we found with this year’s brilliant winner – simply amazed. Read on!

100 Word Story Winners 2015

Winner: Sowmya Ramkumar, Singapore

The blue dress fluttered tastefully. Pride
 decorated the village head’s face. A hundred pairs of bedazzled eyes
 watched. Someone opined it was black magic; another queried who is holding
 it? The women of the household received special attention. Kids imitated the
 object’s motion. Word went out to the neighbouring villages. Lemonade and 
candy floss vendors cashed in on the crowd that came to witness the spectacle.
 The priest was called to perform special rituals. Staring at the
 portrait of my grandfather dating back to circa 1900, I can hardly imagine 
the pride of owning a ceiling fan in then India.

Sowmya is a married 30-year-old chartered accountant and mother of one. “I am inspired by basic things that I can observe around me and I aspire to project them in an interesting manner.” She wins $1000.

The Judges said: A beautifully poetic piece that conjures up memories of another time and place.

Random Story Prompt – How to write precise

This post is a humble attempt to write on a story prompt, all under 100 words. An attempt to channelize the non tamable, strong and seductive imagination skills to work within a periphery. Check out if my story telling skills in shackles are as interesting as a free hit!!!

100wordprompt_Mar 2016

Bedazzled was the word, he emptied pockets to own that piece. It never failed to impress his acquaintances. All was well, until one evening he noticed something strange, one of the three men looked sideways. He blamed it on the cheap wine. Sky fell on Friday when he noticed the umbrella in the painting held opened. He sat fixed at the piece the whole day. He was going crazy. Idea! He took his mobile and clicked proof. Seconds later he stood in a gloomy endless road, his room on the other side of the glass. He waited to be clicked.

Red Birthday !!!


Celebrations adorned Minister’s house on his birthday

A honest gentleman. But I wanted to do this not on motive. The fun to see it happen was priceless.

Sneaking amidst hundreds of thronging supports is not easy. Bringing the equipment undetected

I would wait for cutting the cake. Poor man, deserved a few moments of happiness before my golden moment.

Here he comes clad all white. No one noticed me moving closer.

Cake cut, song sung, then BANG!!!!  Red flowered on the white shirt. Many loud gasps……..

Minister laughed aloud being hit by a paintball by his grandson. What a treat?


missingThat newspaper was dated two months ago. I immediately grabbed it starved of entertainment in the colorless hospital room. My heart sunk seeing that photo in the missing column, it was mine. Alas! No one believed me. Finally the chief doctor proved his point by showing me the mirror. To my horror I saw a totally different face. My instincts screamed caution. A tensed dean seldom noticed me hiding in closet when he made that call in shivering tone “Master experiment failed! Subject  for brain transfusion realized her identity; we may have to arrange for another missing person again”


The evidence was solid. She was meeting someone. His marriage of twenty two years was falling apart. It coerced him to scavenge her bag. Alas! Two tickets of movie they never went, coffee shop receipts and a half heart shaped pendant. He was a reasonable man. There was nothing he starved her for.  He felt even Dhruvya; their daughter deserved better. It climaxed when he found two tickets to Singapore, dated today under assumed identity. Confrontation time. She looked thoroughly confused, caught!!! Then she suddenly blurted out, “this is Dhruvya’s bag, we bought similar ones”.  They rushed to the airport.

Unexpired Justice

He seemed like a normal possessive boyfriend until he gifted her an acid splash for leaving him. Eyesight lost and her world suddenly shrunk to nothingness. Her mother never gave up on her, Braille helped. She was hell bent on gifting justice to many avenged. Time as usual rolled by and she reigned as the judge in high court. He took pride in the fear he could inculcate and scavenged to rise as the local goon.  The only case against him that made it to the court was to be heard today. On seeing her, he freaked but consoled himself she was blind. The moment he began reading the oath a flash came on her face and her lips twisted into a menacing smile. Justice on the plate for your Sir!!!

God’s Colour

Radha was new in class; her looks were unmistakably non westerner. At seven children seldom realized discrimination and teasing. All techniques possible to educate the kids went vain. Annual Sports day was fun. Photo Finish was an understatement to describe the 50 meter race with Radha getting closer to the finish line. An inch away was Peter and alas he tripped and fell, others just kept running. Only Radha stopped; helped him to his feet and completed the race hand in hand with Peter. Declared as the honorary champion to this day she is the hero of the class. Poetic Justice!!!