Lipstick Stain

She did not know what to be more worried about. His lost job or the recent changes in his behaviour. The recent spats between them due to the dearth on money were many. She even refrained from delighting him with the news of her pregnancy.

But the recent signs were scary. Her perfume already lingering in air on her coming home, the pillow cover stained with her lipstick. Enough she had. She started early from office and the moment she was going to unlock the door she heard miffed tones. Her husband saying” Quickly pass me that necklace she would be coming now”. With all might she pushed the door open and quickly came the cry “ Sorry aunty I was playing with your makeup” The next door cutie of six started sobbing.

Yes she told him soon he will be having company in our own home to play with!!!


10 thoughts on “Lipstick Stain

  1. Beautiful thought which is being put in 100+ great words. Once again wonderful stick coloured by my sowmidol.. Keep going. God bless your dreams…


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